An intuitive quick to set up stress free admin interface.

Deliver products updates quicker. Stop wasting time on in-house admin dev.

Just a few ways Varick can help you.

Content Management

Use Varick to manage the day to day application content. Running a recruitment company, you can easily add new talent. Runninng a travel app? Manage vendors.

Customer Success and Support

Whenever you or your team tave to trouble shoot, look at customer data and edit it, Varick is perfectly suited for you and your customer success and support teams.

Expose your data securely

Do you resell user data from your applications? Varick easily lets you build and share custom dashbaords that can be given clients.

Product teams love working with Varick.


No libraries or installs.

Varick uses your APIs logic to build your admin dashboard, this means security and total control without any of the mundane admin dashboard building work. Engineers work on engineering. Period.

Varick never stores your data.

Whatever your API autentication is, is what we use. This means no access to your database, ever. No library installs, and no data ever stored on Varick.


Your API, your rules

End user error. Let non technical team members edit content without worry that the database will be corrupted or compromized. Your API, your rules. 


Your code, not ours

Data transmits via API from your server to your browser. Varick never has access to any of your code, ever. 

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